Why You Should Get a Roofing Inspection For Spring

Failing to check a roof for needed repairs can lead to further unnecessary damage and high repair bills. Here are three routine inspection tasks that roofing contractors in Lake County, IL, can do every spring to keep your roof in great shape.

Assessing Shingles and Underlying Materials

Snow and ice tend to wear shingles over the winter, and this can possibly lead to moisture problems inside the home. Roofing contractors will check all shingles for damage and replace them with new ones if needed. They can also replace cracked caulk, rusted flashing, and bent nails.

Inspecting and Cleaning the Gutter System

If the gutter system is not cleaned out regularly, water will not be diverted away from the home. Shingles near the gutters will be at risk of becoming saturated. Clear material from the gutters every few months so that the shingles remain dry and intact. Roofing contractors can help with gutter cleaning if needed.

Cleaning the Roof

Take the time to clean the roof each time a storm passes.  High winds can cause leaves, dirt, and twigs to land on shingles. Not clearing these off can lead to moisture accumulation on the roof and then deterioration of the shingles. Roofing contractors can safely remove accumulated debris for you.